Technical Due Diligence

Our Technical Due Diligence team will provide the insights needed to address condition and design, technical and construction issues of the building and legal property matters.

The essentials include:

  • Building survey
  • Detailed analysis of assets in key features with critical supervision
  • Assessment of property condition and quality together with applicability to standards
  • Identification of leases and other property contracts
  • Estimation of CAPEX maintenance and investment growth with time frame
  • Systematic identification of all forms of risk towards making major decisions.

Our report will give you the insight into real condition of a property, carried out to protect your position.

About our company

We are one of the leading Slovenian companies in the field of real property valuation, investment policy, due diligence, building management, real estate engineering and applicable law.

Our firm has important connections with distinguished business corporations, commercial companies, agencies, institutes, both at home and abroad (specialy on Balkan territory).

Our reference work includes series of comprehensive real estate appraisals, studies and due diligence products for various purposes, especially for legal transactions, financial reporting, secured lending and insolvency proceedings.

Our advantages are specific skills, professional team with extensive experience and interdisciplinary approach. Highly educated management with large scale of appointment runs our company.

Sving Petra

Petra Nagode Zupančič


t.: +386 (0)1 437 91 98
m.: +386 (0)41 780 785


Technical Due Diligence Team Dušan

Dušan Zupančič


t.: +386 (0)1 437 91 99
m.: +386 (0)51 601 751


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